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Transportation in Chiangmai


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Public Transportation in Chiang Mai

There are several types of Public Transportation in Chiang Mai.  Here is a quick overview of the different types:

  • Samm-Lor

Ride a Bicycle Sammlor in Chiangmai

Pedal Tricycles (3-Wheel Bicycles) are available for Short Distances.  A form of transportation which is disappearing since the City has not been issuing new Licenses for many Years.  Most Drivers are Older men with Licenses from many years ago.

  • Tuk Tuk

Ride a Tuk Tuk in Chiang Mai

Tuk Tuks are, simply put, Motorcycles with a Back Seat.  They will take you anywhere in Chiang Mai for a Negotiated Price.  Tuk Tuks will usually approach you if you are standing still and ask if you want a ride.  Tell them where you want to go, agree to a price, and climb in.  It’s as simple as that.  The Tuk Tuk will buzz through traffic and get you where you are going as quickly as possible.

  • Red Truck (Song Teaws)

Ride a Red Truck in chaingmai

Red Trucks are Pickup Trucks with a Shell on the back and two (or three) benches for passengers to sit on.  You wave them down by standing at the side of the road, putting your hand out, and wiggling your fingers.  They will stop (or not) and ask where you want to go.  You tell them your destination. 

If they nod their head, just get in and the price is 20 Baht.  Sometimes they will hold up some finders to indicate the price: 3 fingers means 30 Baht, etc.  Sometimes they will ask what you will pay.  You suggest a price and they will accept or suggest another price or refuse. 

Sometimes they just say No when you tell them where you want to go – if they have other customers going to the right and you want to go left, they will refuse to take you.  Just wave down the next one and start again.

  • Taxi Meter

Ride a Taxi Meter in Chiang Mai

Taxi Meters are showing up all around Chiang Mai. They are easy and familiar to tourists. Just flag one down and get in. Just make sure that they turn on the meter or you will have to negoatiate the price.

If you want Air Conditioning, this is the most dependable way to get around Chiangmai.

By international standards they're very cheap too, but they are more expensive than the Taxi Meters in Bangkok..

Tipping of taxi drivers is not really a Thai practice, though rounding the fare up to the nearest 5B or 10B is fairly common. Any more is not expected and not really necessary.

  • Yellow Trucks, White Trucks, Blue Trucks, etc


These vehicles are similar to Red Trucks except they run on Fix Routes.  Wave them down and, if they stop, just climb on.  There is a little Red button to press when you want to get off.  The price is 15 Baht.  Where do these Trucks go – that’s the big question.  If you see one going by you neighborhood, get it and go for a ride.  You can always take them back again.  You will then know where they go.

  • City Bus Service

Chiang Mai Bus Service

There is now Chiang Mai Bus Routes available.  The busses are Air Conditioned and only cost 20 Baht.

Chiang Mai Bus serves set routes in and around the city. For more detailed information regarding Chiang Mai Bus fare and routes, please check out:


Renting a Motorcycle / Car in Chiang Mai

Cars and Motorcycles are easy to Rent in Chaing Mai.  Just show your Passport and a Valid Drivers License and you are off and running.  Be warned, the Motorcycles shift differently then some people are used to.  Make sure you get some instruction before you try to drive off.

Buying a Car / Motorcycle in Chiang Mai

There are many Cars and Motorcycles available in ChiangMai.  You can get New Vehicles or choose from a large variety of Used Vehicles.  Insurance is easy to get and inexpensive.  You can buy all these items in YOUR name and do not need a Thai person to act for you.  Ask your Chiang Mai Lanna House Agent for more information.

Thai Driver’s License

If you are going to stay in Thailand for a long time and have something other than a Tourist Visa, get a Thai Driver’s License.  They are easy to get and inexpensive.  All you need is your Passport and a Valid Driver’s License.  You will be issued a Thai Driver’s License for either the length of your Visa or the Expiration Date of your Driver’s License, whichever is sooner.  It’s as simple as that.  Ask your Chiang Mai Lanna House Agent for more information.

Bus Travel

The Arcade Bus Station is the Main Bus Station in Chiang Mai.  It is located on the Eastern end of Kaew Nawarat Road near the Super Highway (Highway 118).  Call them at 053-242-664 to check for Schedules or ask any Tour Guide outlet.

Train Travel

Chiang Mai is the North-West end of the Thai Railroad Network.  The Chiangmai – Bangkok Route operate from 5 am – 10 pm.  There are several types of travel: Express, Sprinter, and Special Express.  The Train Depot is on Charoen Muang Road.  Call 053-247-462 to check Availability of Seats, 053-242-094 for Advanced Trip Schedules, or 053-245-363 / 4 for Same Day Trip Information.  Reservations must be Purchased IN PERSON.  Train Schedule From Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Thailand

Air Travel

The Chiang Mai International Airport handles both Domestic and International Flights.  Flight Schedules can be checked at Airline Offices around town and at Tourist Agencies.  Domestic Flight Schedule, International Flight Schedule, Chiang Mai International Airport Photo Gallery


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