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When making a down payment on an unfinished project, protect your money from fraud by creating an Escrow Account which will ensure your money will not be paid, unless the developer completes construction of your new home and meets the agreed requirement on specification.


What are the conditions for foreigners to own property in Thailand?

  • You are able to Buy a Condominium in a registered complex where only 49% of the complex is owned by foreigners (51% of the Condominiums must be owned by Thai people).
  • You are able to Buy and Own a House in your name.
  • You can not own Land as a Foreigner.
  • You can have a long term lease of Land and / or Buildings up to a maximum of 90 years with the right of first Buyer in case of changes in Thai Law.
  • You can start a Thai Company that can Own Property (Land and Buildings) although the Thai Law recently changed and is far stricter in starting or take over a Company. A Thai Company has 51% of the shares for 4 Thai people and 49% of the shares to 3 Foreigners. (1 million BHT company)
  • You can Buy and Fully Own 1 Rai of Land (1600 Square Meters) once you invested 40 million Baht in Thailand.

The “Title Deed” is the single piece of evidence that an individual legally owners property that he / she wants to sell or buy or lease. Title Deeds will only be given for property that has been checked by the government.

“Chanotte ti din” are Title Deeds given for specially registered pieces of Land who are carefully checked and described as being a property. Only 10% of the Land has this type of Title.

Most Title Deeds are named “Nor Sor Sam” or “Nor Sam Kor”. Title Deeds with these names are registered with the name of the owner and owners from history. These are the Title Deeds of interest for foreigners because these can be sold, bought or leased by foreigners. “Nor Sor Sam” and “Nor Sam Kor” are Title Deeds which can be registered in your name for owning or leasing property.

Following Title Deeds are of no interest to foreigners:

  • Sor Bor Kor” is as “Chanott ti din” and is property carefully described but this Title Deed can not be transferred (sold / leased) from one to another person.
  • Sor Kor Nung / Tor Bor Hoc and Tor Bor Tor Ha are Title Deeds which can not be transferred to others and no construction of any kind is permitted.

As stated before, all official documents will be in Thai Language and it is therefore that we strongly recommend to see a Thai Lawyer completely familiar with this type of business and being fluent in Thai and English. Chiang Mai Lanna House can recommend an Experienced / Professional Lawyer for your use.

Please ask your Friendly, Knowlegeable, Professional
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