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Chiang Mai Lanna House  has experience and knowledge in Real Estate, Trading, Service and Management in Chiang Mai Lanna House.  

Chiang Mai is the capital of the province Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, a city with the largest number temples per square kilometer. People here are very friendly and relaxed compared to the bustling south of Thailand. Because of its location, Chiang Mai has a remarkably mild climate compared to the rest of Thailand. November thru March are excellent months to visit Chiang Mai because of the pleasant temperatures. With nature close at hand and dominant old culture from Thailand, Chiang Mai is a city with a lot of attractions for tourists and residents.


Chiang Mai has modern and comfortable shopping centers (Airport Plaza and Kad Suan Kaeu), international supermarkets (Tesco, Big C, Carrefour, Makro, Tops, Rimping, etc.), as well as colorful and lively local markets. The Chinese area of Chiang Mai is worth visiting. Restaurants can be found all over the city, ranging from austere to fancy. International food is available for your convenience but Chiang Mai Lanna House recommends that you experience the famous Northern Thail cuisine. Bars and pubs for locals and ex-pats are too many to name, so just go for it. Discothèques for the younger crowd and Concerts for the rest of us are always fun and easy going.

Services like banks, internet, post offices, etc. are easy to find and are noted for excellent service. In most of the mentioned facilities, employees speak sufficient English to serve you. Thai people tend to speak English more and more to provide an even better service to foreigners.

Public health services are on a high level and hospitals provide all kind of services. There are very short lines for patients and services are smooth and prompt. Prices of all public health services are much lower than in the West.

Dentists and opticians are very inexpensive as well and are definitely worth visiting during your stay in Chiang Mai. You can easily save hundreds of dollars/euros in a visit where the quality of the services/products is excellent.

Chiang Mai has an International Airport with flights to/from major Asian cities. Also there are many domestic flights to destinations all over Thailand. Booking has never been easier – you can simply phone and make a reservation and 3 hours later you will find yourself on a bounty beach in the south of Thailand for just a little money.

Chiang Mai represents a combination of a cosmopolitan city where the North Thai Lanna Culture has been preserved.

Why accept less when Chiang Mai can provide everything you want. Chiang Mai boasts of very friendly local people, pleasant climate and beautiful surroundings. Besides this the cost of living is remarkably low compared to the coastal areas of Thailand. Houses/Land prices are very competitively priced.


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