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Chiang Mai Lanna House Real Estate wants to provide you with some information on buying and owning property in Thailand. Thai laws are very different from Western ones. In fact, nothing is impossible in Thailand but you only need to find the right (legal) way to accomplish your dream. Thailand is home to many ex-pats from around the world and they have already realized their dream. One thing you cannot do without is certainly the help of a Thai lawyer. Chiang Mai Lanna House is convinced that you can realize your dream in Thailand only with the help of a reliable well-known Thai lawyer who speaks English. If you have read information that is very incomplete, you will realize that you indeed need a person you can rely on. Chiang Mai Lanna House is pleased to offer this service to you by recommending this Law Firm. A qualified lawyer will help you with all the necessary documents, starting from the first orientation meeting until the handover of the contracts for the house / land.

Building your own house according to your own tastes is quite possible in Thailand. Chiang Mai Lanna House would even recommend doing so. Designing your own house means the fulfillment of your dreams. Construction in Thailand takes from four months for a basic one floor bungalow to one year for a complex villa. Chiang Mai Lanna House is happy to offer you assistance at the stage of construction through the expertise of an English construction company well familiar with the Western standards. This company will regularly inspect your house during construction, take corrective action when required and, most importantly, be proactive. When it comes to finishing off the construction, the presence of an expert on site is of crucial importance. Thai builders are great at putting beautiful construction ideas to work in terms of design but are slightly less thorough on details which are not always visible after completion. Chiang Mai Lanna House can help you avoid such problems and natural disappointment once the house is handed over.

General information about Thailand can be found on Wikipedia.


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