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Now that you have decided to live in Chiang Mai permanently or part time, you need to make up your mind on renting or buying a property. In both cases Chiang Mai Lanna House can help you realize your dreams. Obviously renting a house is easier but the property will never be yours. Buying a House is a bit more complicated but with the support of your Chiang Mai Lanna House Realtor this will not give you any
  Chiang Mai Lanna House has experience and knowledge in Real Estate, Trading, Service and Management in Chiang Mai Lanna House.

problems now and / or in the future. This is because of our close-working relationship with lawyers if there is a need for their assistance. Chiang Mai Lanna House will deal with the administrative part to acquire property.

We call this service and it is free of charge.

As stated before, renting a house is the easiest way to live in Thailand. Obviously, there are pros and cons to this decision. Everything depends on your personal circumstances. It is possible you can find a house by yourself and sometimes this works out fine. The paperwork can be sorted out by the owner in no time and you can have a wonderful time in your rented house. But there is another possibility. How can you be sure that the owner is the real owner? All legal owner contract papers are in Thai language and how do you know the persons identification card showed to you is real? We advise to make rental agreements with Chiang Mai Lanna House and we will make sure you get the deal as required, fully legal. Also Chiang Mai Lanna House will not only assist you in finding the right house but we will also provide you with the service that you expect from a Real Estate company.

Buying a house or land will take more time, where finding a perfect house or spot will take a bit longer, especially in Thailand. Most likely you do not speak the Thai language and probably you are not aware of the Thai laws pertaining to buying property.

If you have decided to buy a house in Thailand, you must be aware that Thai laws are difficult to understand and differ from Western laws. Thai laws sometimes change without given notice and not always in favor of the foreigner. All official documents involved in a Real Estate transaction are in Thai language. Translated documents in any language have no legal power. When Chiang Mai Lanna House or you have any questions about legal matters concerning the property we/ you can ask our lawyers to have a look at it.  Chiang Mai Lanna House works closely with a Thai lawyer who fulfills all requirements of our clients.

Chiang Mai Lanna House can provide you with information on buying a house and/or land in Thailand but we will also direct you on your request to the lawyer who can always give you the latest accurate information on Thai laws. When a Lawyer is involved in purchasing property a fee is required which we will charge to the buyer. There is no further commission to be paid to Chiang Mai Lanna House. Our commission is coming from the owner of the property where we will provide the owner with potential buyers interested in purchasing or renting property. Chiang Mai Lanna House is making sure you will get the best advice on the price that is realistic for the property market of today. Chiang Mai Lanna House wants to please the buyer of property and we want to maintain the good relationships for the long term.

At one point, you need to make a decision where you want to live and what are your criteria for living in Thailand. Are you interested in a condominium, a villa, a town house, perhaps a compound with or without ex-pats, a big garden or a balcony, a location in the city or a small farm or village? Would you prefer 24-hour security or do you intend to continuously live in the house and there is no need for security? Is the house only for holidays or for retirement or maybe long term investment? Do you mind if your house is flooded in the rainy season or do you want keep your feet dry?

Chiang Mai Lanna House can serve you even better when you send us your requirements via email using the information sheet on property on our Contact Us page.

Chiang Mai Lanna House is a Thai Company which has experience and knowledge in the areas of Real Estate, Trading, Service and Management in Chiang Mai Lanna House.  
You have to consider above and many more questions to prepare yourself. You definitely need a person to advise you on the location and possible consequences of owning/renting a property on that location. Chiang Mai Lanna House is able to answer questions you might have on the property. We have Thai national staff with roots/expertise in Chiang Mai Province. If we cannot answer your questions right away, we will investigate and come up with the best answer possible.

Chiang Mai Lanna House is independent; therefore we will not hold back any information concerning
your future living conditions. Chiang Mai Lanna House is convinced that only in this way can we serve our clients best.

Building your own house according to your own desire is quite possible in Thailand. Chiang Mai Lanna House would even recommend doing so. Designing your own house means the fulfillment of your dreams. Construction in Thailand takes from four months for a basic one floor bungalow to one year for a complex villa. Chiang Mai Lanna House is happy to offer you assistance at the stage of construction through the expertise of a third party well familiar with Western standards. This construction Engineer will regularly inspect your house during construction, take corrective action when required and, most importantly, be proactive. When it comes to finishing off the construction, the presence of an expert on site is of crucial importance. Many builders are great at putting beautiful construction ideas to work in terms of design but are slightly less thorough on details which are not always visible after completion. Chiang Mai Lanna House can help you avoid such problems and natural disappointment once the house is handed over.


When making a down-payment on an unfinished project, protect your money from fraud by the Escrow accounting system which will ensure that your money is not paid until the developer completes construction of your new home and meets the agreed requirements on specification.

Services we can also provide involve building, rebuilding, modification or maintenance on your house and range from small to major construction work. Save time, money and avoid problems with construction and have Chiang Mai Lanna House help you with the realization of your dream.

In Chiang Mai the Land prices are advised by the Land Office which is a Standard price for the area (mountain view, riverside etc). Normally the owner of the Land can ask for a higher or slightly lower price as dictated by the Land Office. If the land owner asks for a too low price this not accepted by the Land Office where the land will then be bought by the Bank. The owner usually asks for a slightly higher price then listed which is acceptable. If the owner asks for a too high price Thai persons will never buy the Land where the unfamiliar Farang is paying far too much if not served well by the real Estate agent. Chiang Mai Lanna House will make sure you are paying the right price. This prevents speculation on Land by Land owners. Chiang Mai Lanna House will assist you in purchasing Land in Chiang Mai Province in the legal way.


Please ask your Friendly, Knowlegeable, Professional
Chiang Mai Lanna House Realtor if you have any Questions.


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