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How to Behave in Chiang Mai


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Some suggestions from Chaing Mai Lanna House so that your stay in Thailand will be enjoyable.

Thai people put great emphasis on good manners and politeness.  Please learn some of their customs and beliefs. If you have problem of any kind, remember, a smile will be of much more help than a scowl.
Here are some things to think about.

  1. When entering a Thai home or temple, it is customary to remove your shoes. This is not simply a religious custom but has practical implications. Also do not point your feet at anyone or use them to indicate anything.

  2. The King and all the Royal Family are held in extremely high regard by all Thai people and due respect is required. This also applies to money or any other object bearing the King's image. Above all, do NOT put your foot on money.

  3. Any insult to the Buddhist religion or Buddha icons or images can carry heavy penalties. Again respect must be shown at all times and when visiting temples, appropriate clothing must be worn. When entering a temple you are requested to dress appropriately. T-shirts and shorts are not acceptable. Also, touching any part of a monk or his robes is strictly taboo. Ladies must not on any account touch a Buddhist monk, give things direct to him or receive things direct from him.

  4. Generally Thai women are conservative. So don't touch them without their consent.

  5. Intimacies between man and woman should not be shown in public. Sunbathing in the nude is prohibited.

  6. Thai people smile to express gladness and happiness, to thank you for small services, or to return the wai (a way of greeting) of children and inferior persons, even to excuse small inconveniences.

  7. Don't touch a person head nor ruffle his hair. The head is the noblest part of the body. A sincere apology should be offered immediately if you touch someone's head unintentionally.

  8. Avoid placing your feet on the table while sitting. Never use your foot to point things out or to touch any part of the body of anyone, which is considered rude.

  9. The Thai "WAI" is more than just the equivalent of the wai - a gesture of greeting and respectWestern handshake, bow or tip of the hat in other countries. A "wai" is when hands are put in front of the face as a gesture of greeting and respect or bidding farewell. It has many meanings and visitors are advised only to reply to a "wai" rather than lead the way.

    There are two social cues to observe when to "wai" which depend on age and status. Thai people do not "wai" to those of the same age but they "wai" to their elders. Instead of performing the "wai", people of equal status just say "sawasdee" to greet each other, paying respect or saying goodbye and "khob-Khun" for thanking.

    You never "wai" to servants or children although it is appropriate to return a "wai".  If you are a Senior, a simple Nod of the Head is sufficient.

  10. Always observe extreme cautions with your money and valuables. Such things as passports and credit cards should not be carried externally and all leading hotels provide secure safe systems. Shoulder bags and handbags may be especially vulnerable.

  11. It is advisable not to drink tap water. Bottled or carbonated water is cheaply and readily available.

  12. If you are traveling in a Tuk Tuk, it is usual to settle the fare before you begin your journey. 

    If you are riding in a Taxi Meter, make sure they Start the Meter.  If they do not, ask them to or GET OUT OF THE TAXI. If you want to negotiate the price, do so before you enter the Taxi.

    If you are traveling in a Red Truck, tell the driver where you want to go, if he nods his head, get in. The fare is 20B. If he asks what you will pay, offer 40B and negotiate if necessary.

  13. When beckoning waiters or anyone, do so with your palm down and fingers straight with an up and down movement. Never clap, snap your fingers or whistle.

  14. When entering a Thai house, you're expected to remove your shoes. If you have bad feet, tell the host and ask permission to leave your shoes on. They will usually say "OK".

  15. Do not accept offers of food, drink, candies or complimentary trip from strangers or taxi drivers.

  16. Do not support the trade in wildlife. Never buy any product or souvenir made from snake or lizard skin, turtle shells and ivory. It is against the law to slaughter wildlife for food.

  17. Beware of unauthorized people who offer to become your guides. Contact the Tourism Authority Of Thailand (TAT) or visit their counters at Ratchdamnoen Nok Avenue for enquiries. Open from 08:30 am - 04:30 pm. You may call 1672 for more information and enquiries.

Chiang Mai Lanna House hopes you have a Pleasant time.


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