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Chiang Mai Lanna House does not want to be just a Real Estate agency. We work for you as an independent Real Estate advisor. Chiang Mai Lanna House is not looking for a Buyer of a House but a House for a Buyer. We will provide you the best, honest and independent advice.


Chiang Mai Lanna House is a Thai Company which has experience and knowledge in the areas of Real Estate, Trading, Service and Management in Chiang Mai Lanna House.


Chiang Mai Lanna House will provide you with all the necessary information about the house, its surroundings, infrastructure, risk of flooding, maintenance and costs. We can do all the negotiation and organize all administration for you involved with buying property.  Chiang Mai Lanna House will not charge the buyers with additional costs other then minor administration fees and possible lawyer costs. These costs are far less compared to what you pay in your own country.

In Thailand, many houses are advertised on off-road advertisement boards by private sellers. Real estate agents not always have these houses in portfolio and therefore it is unlikely to offer them to clients. Chiang Mai Lanna House works differently!

Chiang Mai Lanna House is actively searching the city / countryside in order to find the best house or plot of land to suit your style, requirements and wishes. We have our contacts with local people and they inform us if any house or plot of land is for sale in their villages and / or direct surrounding.

Our English-Speaking Thai staff has an in-depth knowledge of the Chiang Mai Housing and Business Market; we will find the perfect property for you. Chiang Mai Lanna House has no houses of its own and therefore we will always give you independent advice on location, price, maintenance, etc. In short, we will find the house or plot of land for you instead of finding a buyer for a “house for sale”.

On request Chiang Mai Lanna House will regularly keep you informed by e-mail. To perfectly fit your requirements it is important you provide Chiang Mai Lanna House with all relevant information;

  • Budget

  • Condominium, private house, resort, townhouse, guesthouse, hotel, business

  • Location city / country side

  • Area in square meters for house and land

  • Style of house

  • Number of bedrooms / bathrooms

  • Furnished yes / no

  • Other items like, swimming pool, garage, security, maid's room, etc

We recommend you to use our information sheet which can be found on our Contact Us page.

For more information about selected property or for making an appointment, please do not hesitate to send us an email: info@chiangmailannahouse.com or call us at 081-473-8202 (Wisan - Rentals) or 082-191-0050 (Paul - Sales).

Houses / Land for rent or sale on the website are offered to us by our clients. Property has been seen and selected by Chiang Mai Lanna House. The houses from the website are only examples of houses we can recommend. Property has passed our high standards. Due to continuous changing offers, it is very possible that we have the perfect house for you but that it is not on the website yet. Chiang Mai Lanna House strives to keep the website up to date but due to continuous new offers becoming available we recommend you send the information sheet for latest news.

Chiang Mai Lanna House is working on your behalf and will negotiate with the house owner concerning price and conditions of sale. Chiang Mai Lanna House will give you the best price for the property including our service to obtain the property. Chiang Mai Lanna House has contracts with property owners to solely negotiate also on their behalf. Doing the negotiation by yourself will never give you the benefits and price including the service we offer our clients.

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