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Beautiful Chiang Mai Land for Sale

Item no.: HS0546
Title: House for sale in Sankampang, Chiangmai, Thailand
Land size: 20Rai(6 Rai Chanote)
Price: 16,000,000 Thai Baht
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Full Description:

The 3 houses with the land 20 rai (6 Rai are Chanod and 4 Rai are Sor Kor), the remaining land was planted about 5,000 coffee trees and has production.
The first house have 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 1 living room, balcony that extends to the floor with 24 sqm.. The image area of all of the big house. 244 sqm.
And the other small houses;One is left hand is like a bungalow (36Sq.m) and one is for worker (24Sq.m)

Bedroom - TV -
Bathroom - Refrigerator -
Living room - Washing Machine -
Office - Microwave -
Kitchen - Security -
Car park - Swimming Pool -
Air Conditioning - Fitness -
Water heater - Land size 20Rai(6 Rai Chanote)
Furniture - Using area -
Shopping/Entertainment /School
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